We are gamers that want to play games for worthy causes.

Now we are playing games each week at twitch.tv/darkowlgames

Each fall we put on a 24 hour tabletop games marathon raising money for charity. To date we have raised $7793 and 466 lbs of food over the last three years.


Our Mission

Dark Owl Games is a group of gamers that host events to raise money for local charities in the Calgary area.

2018 24hr Marathon

December 1 @ 10:30 am live on twitch.tv/darkowlgames

Most people play games to have fun, some for the challenge of winning. A group of us have decided there is another reason to game, to help local charities that can really use the help. 

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“Play board games for 24 hours straight you say, what could possibility go wrong…” -Chris Carter

The Beginning


This all began out of the simple desire to help the local community. There are already a number of great charities locally. The goal became how to support these charities and have a bit of fun in the process. Borrowing the idea from Child's Play and International TableTop Day. We set about organizing a gaming marathon to raise money for charity. To make it interesting we decided to do it for 24 hours straight. Now 3 years later and four events, we are started to do weekly live streaming on twitch.tv/darkowlgames.

Get Involved

There are a couple of ways you can get involved and help out. 

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or

  • Tune in each Tuesday/Thursday on Twitch and chat with the gamers.